About Us

The Abalone Industry Association of Western Australia (AIAWA) is the state peak body that represents the commercial wild harvest abalonelicense owners and divers. The AIAWA works with its members, government departments and researchers to ensure the wild harvest fishery is sustainable. The AIAWA provides a forum for communication between license owners, divers, the Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC) and relevent Government Departments.

About the Abalone Industry

Abalone are large marine snails or gastropods belonging to the family of molluscs. Abalone have a hard ear shaped shell and a muscular foot (the edible part) which attaches the animal to the reef. Abalone have a unique succulent flavor that are in large demand around the world especially in Asia. There is also an increasing high demand for abalone meat within Australia. The greenlip shells have a bright "nacre'' that is like a mother of pearl and is sold as fine buttons, furniture in-lay and used in paints.

Members Section

Members of the Abalone Industry of Western Australia can log in and access useful information on the association, fishing for abalone and running their business.