Executive Officer:

Nathan Adams

Nathan lives in Augusta, Western Australia, where he has been a self-employed abalone fisherman for over ten years. Previous to that, he was an abalone diver in the Western Zone of South Australia.

Nathan has completed a Diploma of Applied Science in Aquaculture at the University of Tasmania and is currently a director on the West Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC).Nathan is also a director on the Abalone Council of Australia (ACA) and the Executive Officer for the Abalone Industry Association of Western Australia.


Peter Rickerby

Peter began diving and deck handing at the age of 20 with his father Mike Rickerby in the Area 3 greens / browns and Area 5 roei. He was actively involved in the fishing for a decade, however has since givenup the diving.

Peter is currently in his third and final year at Murdoch University completing a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance and Marketing.


Vice Chairman:

John South

John is a multiple abalone licence owner in Western Australia and has interests in abalone in SA. He is also heavily involved in farming with property's near Darkan, West Australia.
He is a director of Esperance Abalone Enterprises, been on many committees including the Abalone Ministerial Advisory Committee (Ab MAC) and was on the committee that was responsible for writing the fisheries act with regards to abalone. John was involved in the wet line and cray fishery and was a professional abalone diver for many years on the South Coast of WA.

Secretary / Treasurer:

Marcus Tromp

Marcus is the Manager of Esperance Abalone Enterprises and was an Abalone diver in Esperance for 12 years. Marcus has been the secretary/Treasurer of the Abalone Industry Association for many years and is an executive of the Wild Abalone TM Marketing initiative.


Committee Members:

Kerry Rowe

Kerry purchased a West Australian Abalone license and began diving professionally in 1984. He is a founding shareholder and Chairman of Esperance Abalone Enterprises since 1987, was a Director on the board of the WA Fishing Industry Council from 1998 to 2002, 2006 to 2009 and again from 2013 to 2015. He was a longstanding Chairman of the WA Abalone Industry Association until recently retiring and the President of the Esperance Professional Abalone Divers Association. Kerry is also a director on the Abalone Council of Australia (ACA).

Chloe Clauson

Chloe is an Abalone Licence Holder in both Area 3 Western Australia and the Western Zone in South Australia. Chloe is a recent graduate of the National Seafood Industry Leaderships Program and is a committee member in both WA and SA abalone Associations.

Steve Beres

Steve is a second generation abalone diver and works with his father George a licence holder in the Area 3 Abalone fishery in WA. Steve lives in Albany and has farming interests in the in the Great Southern Area.

Todd Strickland

Todd is a second generation abalone fisherman who has worked with his father Bob and multiple roei abalone licence holder diving for roei all around Western Australia. He lives in Albany where he continues to dive their family licence

Dave Sutcliffe

Dave is a long time roei diver and a highly successful underwater hockey player. He has worked in the Area 3 Greenlip/Brownlip abalone fishery, Marine Aquarium fishery, mooring diving and roei abalone fishery. He is also the Vice Chair of the West Coast Abalone divers Association.